when did comics enter the progressive era?


im doing a project on progressive comics and wanted to know the following

1;what was the first comic and what company publised it and what year

2 how long did this last and if its going

3when did these comics see backlash from others

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    It can be argued that comics became more progressive when in 1971 Marvel Comics published The Amazing Spider-Man #96-98, written by Stan Lee, challenging the Comics Code Authority. http://cbldf.org/2012/07/tales-from-the-code-spide...

    The Comics Code Authority (CCA) was a regulation bureau that was formed in 1954 and placed guidelines that comics must follow, and prohibit certain activities and behavior, such as the use of drugs and the depiction of homosexuality.

    At the time of the Amazing Spider-Man #96's publication, the Code was not updated in 17 years and was no longer in step with evolving social norms. The comic's story was about Spider-Man's friend Harry being addicted to drugs and his struggle with addiction.

    Even though the story showed drugs in a negative light, the CCA would not allow the story to have the Seal of Approval due to its strict regulations. Marvel published the story anyway to critical acclaim, without any noticeable consequence. Other comics such as Green Lantern/Green Arrow published similar stories.

    The publication forced the CCA to revise its code, allowing comics more creative freedom.

    Eventually, The CCA fell into disuse entering the 2000s, as new publishers such as Dark Horse and Image Comics never used the code. It was no longer used after 2011, when DC Comics and Archie Comics left the CCA.

    Source(s): The Comics Code of 1954, with revisions from 1971 and 1989 http://tvtropes.org/pmwiki/pmwiki.php/UsefulNotes/... A portion of a documentary describing the creation of the CCA https://youtu.be/q0JhIJlSfIQ?t=1m53s And another portion about the Spider-Man story, including interviews from Stan Lee and others https://youtu.be/XAdRzaa6a7U?t=4m48s
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