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Spanish questions?

Would you use tu, used, ustedes, vosotros, or vosotras when talking to these people?

1. Maria y Lupe (Mexico)

2. Amalia y Jose (Espana)

3. La Sra. Sanchez (Rebulica Dominicana)

4. Paz, Mercedes y Marta (Espana)

5. Pepe (Ecuador)

6. el Sr. Fernandez y el Sr. Garcia (Espana)

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    Tú (Singular / informal / Most countries) = You

    Usted (Singular / formal / Most Countries) = You formal (Something like old "Thou")

    Ustedes (Plural / Formal AND Informal (It's the only form) / Most countries) = You (Many people) formal/informal

    Vosotros (Plural / Formal AND Informal (It's the only form) / Spain ONLY) = You (Many People) formal/informal

    Vosotras (Plural / Feminine ONLY (A group MUST be 100% girls) / Formal AND Informal (It's the only form) / Spain ONLY) = You (Many FEMALE people) formal/informal

    1. María y Lupe (México) --> Ustedes (Plural in a country that is not Spain)

    2. Amalia y José (España) --> Vosotros (Plural in Spain, mixed sex)

    3. La Sra. Sanchez (Rep Dominicana) --> Usted (Singular, formal cause this person is being referred to with respect)

    4. Paz, Mercedes y Marta (España) --> Vosotras (Plural in Spain, only female)

    5. Pepe (Ecuador) --> Tú (Singular in every country)

    6. El Sr. Fernández y el Sr. García (España) --> Vosotros (Plural in Spain)

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    I know that by asking you such question they want you to specify what pronouns are used in those nations... However, I think the question is not correclty formulated.. I mean, I always use the same pronouns regardless if I'm talking to an argentina or a spaniard or a mexican... I don't think my fellow spanish speakers change the pronouns they always use just because they are talking to a person from another country.

    1 Ustedes

    2- vosotros

    3 Usted

    4 Vosotas

    5 This is a tough one... I don't know if ecuadorians use "usted" or "tu".. I know that in most latin american nations people use "tu" (though in Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay, etc they use "vos") however Ecuador borders Colombia...and as a colombian I know that us colombians use "usted" therefore I'm not sure if ecuadorians also use "usted"

    6 vosotros

    God bless you

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