asphalt resurface with diesel fuel?

i notice the DPW sprays the older roads with an oil n waits about a day or two then spreads pea sized gravel on it and presses it in with a steam roller.

can i do this in my driveway?

what kind of oil do they use?

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  • 3 years ago
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    It is actually a heavy petroleum oil, usually one of the grades of slow-curing asphalt, and is applied hot. You could use it to seal your drive, most people find a resin-based sealant better and easier to handle for that job.

    It's what the local authority here use when they're resurfacing a road on the cheap. Known here as "spray and pray", they spray on the asphalt, chuck chippings on it, roll 'em in and pray they stay there long enough for the asphalt to set and hold them in place. Not good for heavily-travelled roads, but it does meet the required skid-resistance.

    You could contact your local DPW and ask them what they use.

  • 3 years ago

    Its not oil

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