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Mac too slow while video editing!!?

I am using adobe premiere pro cc on a Mac and while editing the playback of my timeline is choppy and slow. I already have the playback resolution turned down to 1/8th. I want to edit video in 4K if I choose to do so, but currently edit 1080p. If the only thing that can solve my problem is buying a new computer what does it need more of? RAM? a better graphics card? More processing power? What is it?

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    "Mac too slow while video editing!!?"

    Your question isn't much use, so ask a new one.

    Don't treat Yahoo Answers as if it were a discussion forum. The format at Yahoo Answers is you ask one question, wait hours or a few days for answers, and award a Best Answer. If your question is terrible, don't try to fix it by adding the missing info minutes or hours later as comments to someone's answer. Most of us NEVER return to a question to read your added comments to all the various answers you might get.

    Ask a new question, and add the details about your computer. "Mac" is nothing. We need to know which model, age, OS X version, processor type, number of cores, processor speed, amount of RAM, and type of storage (HDD, SSHD, Fusion, SSD, PCIe-based). Don't offer a spaced out Best Buy page as if it were a spec sheet. Best Buy does not even tell which processor speed or number of cores.

    If you don't want to tell us what you have, the needs for editing video for best speed are quad-core i7 at least 3GHz, 16GB or more RAM, and if you use any external drive, it should be Thunderbolt connection. You also should keep 15% or more available space on the startup volume. Graphics card is not critical in modern desktop computers for editing smoothness.


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    it would need a better GPU(graphics card) and more ram, also it would be better to not buy a mac, and get a windows pc, which is less expensive for upgrading.

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    All depends where the bottle neck is now.

    • kyle3 years agoReport

      Ok this machine has the same specs,loc:2

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