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3 examples how geography affected egyptians life and beliefs.?


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  • 4 years ago
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    1. the critical event in the annual cycle of the ancient Egyptians was the flooding of the Nile. This brought life giving fresh soil to their farms and resulted in huge agricultural surpluses. The surpluses made it possible to support a large and growing population -- the basis for military power at the time. [Population was curbed by plagues of various sorts which either reduced food supply or directly killed people.]

    2. the Nile delta is fairly shallow -- having a minimum depth of about one meter -- and is without a large major channel [such as the Mississippi's]. The result is that prior to Alexandria being built, Egypt was NOT well connected by sea to other lands (big boats couldn't get there and small ones can't carry much) -- missing out on much wealth to be gained from trade. [This also meant that Egypt did not have a significant navy and thus was not a threat to the Greek city-states because her armies couldn't get to Greece.] {Note: this is still a major problem today. 80 percent of the Egyptian people live in the Nile valley, upstream from the delta, and are essentially landlocked. Landlocked means they aren't going to get wealthy via trade with other nations.}

    3. then there's the deserts -- in essence, these limit the possible approaches to Egypt to the arid costs along the Mediterranean Sea (quite unsuitable for a large population and thus unsuitable for a large enemy) and down the Nile from upper Egypt [now Sudan]. Thus, Egypt had no large neighbors and few threats in ancient times -- until Rome arose with such a vast empire that she could afford the ships necessary to field a large army in Egypt and support Egypt's envious neighbors against her.

    Source(s): grampa -- I read a bit and thought about it in my youth
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    4 years ago

    Hmm! The Nile was everything (a long river)

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