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How come my girlfriend got mad at me?

We've been together for 7 months. She told me she loves me, and I told her I love her too. 1 more month later, she told me she loves me and I told her "It isn't needed for her to tell me that she loves me. because I already know she loves me and I will always love you too." and she got mad at me and thinks I don't want her to love me.

1. How come she got mad at me?

2. When people said "It isn't needed for you to do something.", it is because it is already agreed that something will happen or that person just doesn't want that to happen anymore?

3. If I try things to make it up to her for her forgiveness, will I be overthinking and overanalyzing since whenever I try something to get them to forgive me, they keep on saying "You are overthinking"?

4. Is it best to leave the situation alone after you did something bad and assume you already have their forgiveness to skip the "You are overthinking and overanalyzing" comment from them?


I would know if she have fallen out of love with me. Her actions shows that she loves me still, so she doesn't need to verbally say she loves me. I will never fall out of love with her.

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    You need to keep saying love you in relationship along with showing affection it makes people assured of the love

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    Really, you can't figure out why she's mad?

    Like yeah, okay, you know she loves you. That doesn't mean you get to tell her when and where she can say it or if she needs to say it at all.


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    4 years ago

    Let her say "I love you, " as much as she needs and you should also just tell her "you love her and you are sorry you hurt her and you weren't trying to. But you know she does love you and you love her. " girls want to hear that.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    "How come my girlfriend got mad at me?"

    Because no one likes to be treated like they're a nag when they say "I love you".

    By the way, neither you nor she can promise that you will ALWAYS love each other. People fall out of love all the time. It's one of the reasons people say it over a period of time rather than just once.

    You aren't over-thinking. You're just socially awkward.

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