How to replace my HDD?

I have windows 10 and I want to replace my old disk drive witha new one how do I transfer my OS to the new one?

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  • 3 years ago
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    Not made a recovery drive ?

    Hold down the windows key and press X key.

    click "Control panel".

    Type "Recovery" in control panel search box"

    Click "Create recovery drive" ( On to usb flash drive)

    Include system files from the options....

    The above usb recovery flash drive can be used to reinstall windows on the new drive.


    The other option would be to clone the current hard drive to a new drive or SSD ..

    Free clone software options

    Or f you are replacing the hard drive with a SSD and buy a reputable make like Seagate or Western digital they offer a free download and use of there clone/migration software ..

    Questions ?

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