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Suppose a balloon has a maximum volume of 7.00 L. Also suppose that each time you blew into the balloon, you expelled 0.048 mol of air...?

... How many times can you blow into the balloon before the balloon pops? Assume atmospheric conditions of 1.0 atm and 22°C and that your breath is room temperature.

I tried this question and got that it would take 7 breaths to pop the balloon. But that just doesn't seem right to me. Thoughts?

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    At STP, 1 mole of air occupies 22.4 liters.

    Our temperature is higher than standard, so let's assume that 1 mole will occupy

    V = 22.4L * (273+22)/273 = 24.2 L

    just to get some reasonable rough number.

    7.00 L, then, is 7.00 / 24.2 = 0.289 mol,

    and so you'd need

    n = 0.289mol / 0.048mol/breath = 6.02 breaths ≈ 6 breaths.

    If you don't adjust the volume for room temperature, then you get

    n = 6.5 breaths ≈ 7 breaths.

    Hope this helps!

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    Seems like you would also need to know how much your exhale pressure is and what the elasticity of the balloon is. Because volume is one of the 3 inter-related factors of a gas: volume, mass (or number of molecules), and temperature.

    Your 7 breaths would be a known mass of air, and temperature is predictable, but the pressure of that air, once in the balloon, would vary the volume of that air. And the elastic characteristics of the balloon would affect how willingly the balloon expands with increasing pressure. Is your diaphragm able to exert more pressure as the balloon's unwillingness to expand increases?

    So I guess I am saying that we don't have enough data.

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