Recently bought an apartment building. Installing steam boiler. Should i have radiators in the bathroom?Or is front room and bedroom enough?

Units are smaller one bedroom apartments

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  • 3 years ago
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    At least have a smaller size one in the bathroom with a thermostatic valve that you can turn off or on as you require or set at a desirable temperature when the heating is on.

  • Jim W
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    3 years ago

    Ask the heating and cooling engineer for your project. The reason that most apartments use electric heat is the occupant can be billed for the power while a building heat project means the owner will pay the bill. Consult with your financial advisers. Someone has lead you down the wrong path.

  • elhigh
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    3 years ago

    Running the pipe may be prohibitively expensive, look into the option of instead installing small built-in space heaters with timers.

  • Duane
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    3 years ago

    Always have heat in the bathroom if in a cold climate. Doesn't have to be much but you will be in there without clothes and especially after a shower..

    • dont3 years agoReport

      Im asking if the radiators in the bedroom and front room are enough. Sometimes the apartments almost seem too hot. so i would think the bathroom will be hot too as long as they leave the bathroom door open when no one is in there

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