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Why didnt I get hired? Im so sad and my eyes are tearing up?

I applied for a job at mcD and I got an interview. The interviewer saw this person in front of me. She wasnt dressed professional because she was in blue jeans... But hey, its McD.

I had black shoes and black pants. I also have 6 months experience.

Everything went well with their interview, and when she went to see me she looked lost and stared off in the distance.

I came over there to her instead to sit down.. And in the middle of my interview she got up to talk to her co-worker (they were talking about irrelevant things.)

And I looked at the paper with the candidates on it and none of them had experience but me.

I didnt get hired and feel like a major loser ;(

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    You might consider calling or emailing and inquiring regarding what you could do better, if you were to interview again. Let them know that even if you don't interview with them, again, you would still like a little input so you can do a better job elsewhere.

    Thank them for the interview.

    You might also enter your information at a temp agency, and they also may have suggestions for interviewing.

    Additionally, a company called RGIS Inventory interviews and hires around this time. This is a worldwide company and this is their busy time. You can find them online, and you can fill out an application online. If you have questions about the company, you can call the world headquarters, located in Auburn Hills, MI. BUT, they hire all over the USA, as well as other countries. You may even get the opportunity to be a team leader.

    McDonald's may have had someone in mind, before you interviewed. I have noticed that CVS employees always seem pretty happy. They also seem willing to promote females.

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    I wonder the same

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    Chill out its just Mac Donald's that's nothing "special" you only saved yourself I'm sure their are plenty of other jobs you will get its not the end of the gotta keep looking

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    Tried too hard that's all - loosen up, Poindexter!

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