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Anonymous asked in Arts & HumanitiesHistory · 3 years ago

Analyze the cases of Plessy vs. Ferguson and Brown vs. Board of Education?

examine the impacts of precedents and the court’s interpretation of the Constitution. How did each of these cases affect subsequent rulings? Include specific dates to clarify your position.

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    In Plessy vs. Ferguson, constitutionality of segregation was upheld as it did not violate 13th and 14th amendment, it was not based on race inferiority and did not reestablish involuntary servitude. It emerged from an 1896 incident where Plessy, an African American train passenger, refused to travel in a Jim Crow car, breaking the state law (Davis, 2012). The ruling rejected Plessy’s argument that his rights were violated as legal distinction of races did not conflict with 13th and 14th amendments.

    Brown vs. Board of Education was a ruling made on 17th may 1954 that overturned restrictive legislation based on race as segregation of races were ipso facto unequal, unjust, and violated 14th amendment. The ruling established separate schools for blacks and whites was unequal hence overturned the legal policies established by Plessy v. Ferguson ruling that allowed segregation under ‘separate but equal’ concept (Pierce, 2010).

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