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How easy (or difficult) will it be for me to enroll into West Point Military Academy?

I will provide a brief explanation of my circumstances in order to give you all a genuine understanding of how my application process could potentially proceed.

I am 18 years old, my birthday is on March 24. I am fresh out of high school, just graduated from AIT. No college, just an advanced high school diploma with 4 years of JROTC. I have a 3.0 GPA, and I still need to take either the SAT or ACT (My school didn't allow any seniors to take it that year). I was on the A/B honor roll every year throughout my school career EXCEPT for my Freshmen year of high school, I had two F's that lowered my GPA tremendously. I am a black male, and I am currently a PV2 in the United States Army under a 3-year contract. I just arrived at my unit and I am already being recommended for the promotion board by my Sergeant. I have no criminal record and no tickets. Only a small fender bender accident I got into in high school. My father is a senior NCO in the Army, my mother is prior-service. I will be able to get the support of my Sergeant for sure, and most likely the commander as well. I am single, no children, no obligations. Just me, myself, and I.

Based on what I've elaborated to you all here, would you say that my chances of getting into West Point are high or low based on my qualifications?


I forgot to mention. I'm not sure if it'll be relevant or not, but I also have the endorsement of a retired active duty army Colonel and Command Sergeant Major from JROTC. The Colonel has been retired about 2 years now, the Command Sergeant Major 1 year retired.

Update 2:

I know that West Point has set qualifications and requirements, but based on my basic "get-up", I just want to know if I seem like a desirable applicant. Or maybe an applicant that has a decent chance of getting accepted at all. Thanks in advance for any responses!

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    You are in the wrong place.

    You've already gotten two answers that know nothing about the service academy admissions process for currently enlisted service members. Most of the people that answer any of these service academy questions only seem to have some sort of vague idea that a Congressman is involved.

    In your case, a Congressman is NOT involved. USMA has a separate process for bringing in enlisted Soldiers. Your nomination will have to come from your company commander.

    Hopefully, you have already looked at this page:

    I'm not really following your reason for not taking the SAT or ACT. You don't have to get permission from your school to take them. You just have to sign up for them and take them wherever they are offered. Without knowing your test scores, it's impossible to really tell how hard or easy it will be for you to get in. Your HS GPA isn't a plus, though.

    As an enlisted Soldier, your first hurdle is going to be getting past your company commander. If he won't support you going to USMA, then it isn't going to happen. However, if he/she is supportive, and you get some good SAT/ACT scores, then you have a reasonable shot. The service academies set aside a certain number of seats each year for enlisted. A lot of them go unfilled.

    One thing to keep in mind is that there is a very good chance that you will have to go to the prep school first. Most prior enlisted do, and with your GPA, I'd say it's pretty likely. In the end, with you potentially being a year or two out of school before you can get in, it is a good way to get you reacquainted with a classroom before also having to deal with being a Plebe.

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    Virtually impossible now.

    99.9% of all cadets start prepping when they're around Freshman in HS, doing volunteer work, top grades, leaders in their (multiple) sports teams.

    I don't know about going Mustang to the Academy, but I understand there are very few openings, plus you'd still need a Congressman's endorsement.

    ......................If Y/A stops playing with coding and your answer stays up long enough- someone who really knows about Green to Gold will answer.

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    the best way to get in to west point is with a congressional recommendation

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