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Why do people spend years on dating sites Like POF and OkCupid? Are they addicted to internet dating?


There are people who have been on these sites for 5-10 years. What kind of mentality would lead a person to spend their years on a dating site?

Update 2:

There are both men an women doing this? Does that mean these women are looking for Hookups? What if those women say they aren't? Is that a way for them to not look slutty?

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    Nah, these online sites are like their own little ecosystem.

    I've dated these girls who have spent years on these sites. They look normal, act normal, and think they're normal but they don't think like a normal person does. What they all seem to have in common is they're passive/aggressive, boring, have temper issues, and won't hesitate to create drama. They also think they're entitled to some kind of fairy tale romance with guys like Vince Vaughn.

    The problem is simple, they have a shitty attitude. Then they get a guy like Vince Vaughn but run him off by being angry and playing games. The thing is the type of guy they want to date is popular with women and he knows it. So, these guys don't stick around to see another episode of Drama. That's not to say that these guys aren't looking for someone who's perfect.

    It goes to show how human nature works. People think there's something wrong with everyone else except for them. It's human nature to justify criticism. Another thing that perpetuates this addiction is these people aren't motivated to stand by just 'One' person because they know they can easily find another person to date.

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    Said people are probably using those sites in order to get laid every weekend.

    Better than sitting at home jacking off all the time.

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    They may or they just find it easier to find people to date online. I guess they just think if they keep trying they will find that one special person. each Person has their own thing and online dating can be good for people who don;t have much time to go out and meet people as well.

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    There are undateable people and they belong to these sites, it's like PB and Jelly.

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