How did singles come out after the album?

Ok so for example Michael Jackson's "Thriller" album, came out in late 1982, but "Billie Jean" "Beat It" and others came out in 1983. So I don't understand what came out with the album. This question has been killing me for years, an answer would be much appreciated.

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    4 years ago
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    this came out after the album:

    this is a single. also known as a 45. a 7 inch. they usually had one song per side. back in the day they sold those things in addition to these things:

    an LP, an album, a 33 1/3, a 12 inch.

  • Quato
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    4 years ago

    It doesn't matter that the song is on an album, they release the single anyway because iTunes didn't exist, the only way to buy a single is that the record company releases the single, it doesn't matter if it's already on an album, they just do it because a lot of people don't want to buy the album they just want that song.

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    Some singers issue singles and later include them on an album, and yet others issue an

    album and then his or her record company decide that a particular track is so popular that

    they issue it as a single.

    It done at the whim of the record company.

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    The record company who own Jackson, cashed in firstly on album sales and then cashed in on the most commercial of the tracks on the album - simple business.

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    You are a blooming idiot

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