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Help!!Best self defense knife?

I'm on a $20 or less budget and am wondering which knife for self defense knife do you recommend? And why?! Here are my choices >>these are the names> (FULL TANG PA3288 Wood Handle 9-3/8" Fixed DAGGER BOOT Knife + Sheath 3288 New!) or (Smith & Wesson H.R.T. SWHRT7T Full Tang Tanto Fixed Blade Knife Rubber Coated Steel Handle) please hurry in need of a good knife really soon help please answer help

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    Let's start with your choices. You have selected very big knives, and these will not be very good for carry. It'll be easy to spot and you'll have people calling up the police and all that lovely business. If it's for home defense then I should rather suggest something more effective like a short sword(look for a machete at your price range) or something like a hachet.

    If your safety is being threatened, then make sure you contact the police. Having the police involved may make the person think twice before trying to harm you since there is now direct correlation between you being harmed and his involvement. Also it's important to have a legal narrative in these kind of situation, because if a fight did happen without any previous documentation it becomes he said and she said. With previous documentation it becomes the officer Blank stated that you were in fear of your life and required protection from the attacker.

    Also as stated before you can not use lethal force on another person unless you feel that your life is threatened. This usually does not cover fearing general bodily harm by the law, and usually you'll need to confirm that the attacker had lethal means to harm you before you can bring your own weapon to bare. If you are not worried about lethal attacks, but are worried about bodily harm then I would suggest you look into pepper sprays.

    If you are worried about lethal attacks and having contacted the law enforcement, if you want a defensive option then I would suggest looking into kershaw emerson knives. They are rather plain looking knives that are good for everday tasks(which is what you will tell the officer it is for, and it is probably what you will end up actually using it for as well), but they have a wave feature that essentially lets you draw and open the knife in one motion. It's non-tactical, functional, and carriable knife that can be almost as quick as a fixed blade knife. You also have neck knife options like CRKT minimalist, which could also work if you are really focused on fixed blade carry.

    Lastly as someone had stated for most areas it isn't a good idea legally to carry a knife for purely defensive purpose in mind. Find a functional knife that is just very easy to deploy for utility purposes that also happens to be a good defensive option. Do not get a kabar military bayonet knife or the like for carry option.

    PS All legal opinions here are general guidelines that tends to apply to most states in the US. None of these opinions are legal advises and you are very much encouraged to do your own research into what exactly is and isn't legal in your own area.

    PPS I'm not a lawyer or anything, so do take what I say as a grain of salt.

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    If it's self defence you're after, then you're money would be better spent on a can of pepper spray. A knife is more likely to be used against you if have no training or fighting experience.

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    A knife does not help you if you have no training or experience using it. It also is illegal in many places to carry a concealed knife and if you were to use it in self-defense, you would be in trouble with the law.

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    Knifes are not a slf defense weapon, if you stab someone with a knife unless they have a gun it was not self defense and you will be the one in jail, without your knife.

    Remeber when in jail, don't drop the soap

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      Ya good luck proving to the DA its self defense, it will be your word against theirs.

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