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Why did my car overheated last minute toward the end of my trip?

I bought my first car few days ago. 2002 Chrysler PT Cruiser. The engine was rebuilt at 145k miles, runs good, but after about 30 mins, it overheats according to the person i purchased it from. It was the seller sons car before me. He used it to go to and from school. He got a new car and the car was just sitting for 3 months in which he decided to put it up for sale earlier this month. He also took out the battery and sat it in the house. Until i get this fixed in a few weeks, i wanna know why my car need the gas pedal to be pressed down when starting it up? Also should i start the car and wait for a few mins before driving? Any good comes from that? Also about the story, i went 6 mins away to a local wendys. Car ran good and the temperature gauge stayed at C. I went in the store for 10 mins to order and came back and drove home. Right when i was literally few houses down from my home, the temperature gauge spiked up and the light lit up?? Should i have waited and let the car run in parked before pulling out of wendys?

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    If you had left the engine on idle it would've still overheated.

    First thing to suspect is the temperature sensor. When the car tells you it is overheating lift the hood - does it seem really hot under there? Any steam? Any sign of hot water running out onto the road? If everything seems really cool then suspect the sensor.

    If the sensor is true then the reason for sudden overheating like that is usually a clogged up radiator, a sticking thermostat or low coolant level.

    Check the radiator matrix - is it clogged up with dead flies and debris? Give it a hose down to clear it and allow air to pass through.

    Check the coolant level - if it is low, top it up with the required mix of water and anti-freeze (if you live in a cold climate). If it is OK check the condition of the coolant - if it is cloudy and rusty brown then suspect a blocked radiator - get it flushed out or replace it. If the coolant is clear and bright then suspect the thermostat - take it out completely and run the car. If the car doesn't overheat buy a new one and fit it - use a new gasket. If the car still overheats then the problem lies elsewhere

    Does the car heater give hot air? If it doesn't then the whole cooling systme is probably blocked up and the whole thing needs a flush out.

    Another possibility is a failed or failing water pump that is just not getting the flow around the engine. They have plastic vanes that wear and break, gradually reducing efficiency. If it hasn't had a new one in 145k miles that may be the prime suspect..

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    Have a block check done to determine if the head gasket is bad. The cylinder head may also be cracked. Pretty stupid to buy a vehicle that you know is over heating with out knowing what is causing it!

    Source(s): Mitsubishi Master Tech
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    You knew it overheated when you bought it? What a maroon.

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