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Victor asked in SportsMartial Arts · 3 years ago

Is Tai Chi Chuan or Wing Chun better for self defense?

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  • Bobby
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    3 years ago
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    Pray Mantis Style has nothing to do with Wing Chun or Tai Chi Chuan.

    Tai Chi’s strength is the internal power.

    Both Tai Chi and Wing Chun involves attacking and guarding the center.

    Wing Chun’s ‘tan sau’, ‘bong sau’, ‘fook sau’ are strong structures.

    Tai Chi’s ‘ji shou’ (like ‘tan sau’), ‘peng shou’ (like ‘bong sau’ but used in projecting upward force), ‘lu shou’ (like ‘fook sau’ but used to absorb a force to the back)

    Both styles does not use strength to overcome brute force. Wing Chun does it by deflecting and countering with powerful strikes. Tai Chi overcomes brute strength by absorbing and redirecting the force back to the source.

    Both styles have sensitivity drill. One can react faster with touch than sight. Wing Chun’s sticky hands and Tai Chi pushing hands. Both aim to find an opening to the opponent and attack!

    Both styles are Principle/Concept Based, not technique based! They both still have techniques, but it's better to learn more concepts than it is to learn more techniques.

    Both arts have short range power.

    Wing chun and Tai Chi have many many similar features.



    Wing Chun is linear, and Taichi is more circular. The great advantage of linear movement is that it’s quick and direct. The circular movements are great for going around a force and disrupting balance.

    The stances between the two are different. Wing Chun grips the ground with their toes and the hips are forward. Taichi align the joints without locking them.


    Which is better for self defense?

    Taichi has become more for health than it is for combat in this era. So, if you can find a Taichi Instructor who knows Taichi in terms of combat, or a Wing Chun instructor, then choose whatever you like the most.

    Sometimes an instructor is skilled in fighting, but not skilled in teaching.

    Btw, Wing Chun uses Butterfly swords and Dragon Pole. They do have weapons. Wing Chun may not emphasis on grappling, but they do have ways to deal with them. And that also depends on lineage.

    • Tengu Bakemono
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      Southern Praying mantis kung fu is internal. I know Wing Chun very well, i also have experience in Southern Praying Mantis, Pak Mei and Tai Chi. I think your the one who doesn't know what the hell your talking about.

  • 3 years ago

    If taught correctly both are very good, but Tai Chi is the highest level of Chinese martial arts. It takes a lot longer to learn Tai Chi than other Chinese martial arts. The main problem with Wing Chun and Tai Chi is that there aren't many teacher who know how to teach these fighting systems correctly and have been passed down incorrectly through generation to generation. There are some that will disagree with me, but William Cheung's branch of Wing Chun is as close as your going to get and even he will only pass down the complete and true system to trusted hand picked teachers. Kwong Sai Jook Lum (Southern Praying Mantis boxing) is one of the few Chinese fighting Systems still intact without any watering down, and originated from the bamboo forest temple in China. Master Gin Foon mark, now living in Saint Paul Minnesota, is the only one in the United States, who knows the system complete. I met him when he was in his fifties, but he must be close to 80 year old now. He had 5 disciples and i was taught by one of them for a year, then i decided to move on to Tai Chi because i was fortunate enough to find a Chinese master who has preserved the principles found in the classics. Southern Praying Mantis is very similar to Wing Chun but is a more advanced system.

    Like i said before, Tai Chi and Wing Chun can be extremely effective fighting systems but you have to find a teach who knows it complete and teaches it correctly. Unfortunately, there isn't many who understand how to teach them.

  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    Not always.

  • Bon
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    3 years ago

    Depends on the person teaching it.

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