History Essay HELP! compare and contrast the holocaust and Armenian genocide?

I really need help with an essay for history. It needs to be 5 paragraphs long comparing and contrasting the holocaust and the armenian genocide. I have done some research already and have started to put it together but keep confusing myself more because i am having a hard time getting it all to flow and sound good and make sence to me and of course my teacher. Can someone please give me an example of a good essay on this topic! Thank you so much!

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    The baseline fact that the Holocaust happened because:

    1. The Armenian Genocide went mostly unnoticed, had considerable coverage in the US, UK, Canada, and other press, but no official government measures were taken, and the vast majority of the perpetrators went unpunished or sentenced in absentia.

    Ambassadors, relief and missionary works sent cables, reports, please and distress calls for help, those were met by silence or told to stay "neutral" by government and authorities.

    2. Hitler and Nazi Germany used the Armenian Genocide as a blue print for the Holocaust. They relied on the silence of the International community to go through it and get away unpunished.

    APPENDIX II: Excerpts from the Lochner Version of the August 22, 1939, Obersalzberg Speech Dealing with the Planned Invasion of Poland Lochner, 1942, p.2:

    Accordingly, I have placed my death head formations in readiness ñ for the present only in the East with orders to them do send to death mercilessly and without compassion, men, women and children of Polish derivation and language. Only thus shall we gain the living space [lebensraum] which we need. Who, after all, speaks today of the annihilation of the Armenians?

    Also German officers were photographed witnessing the rapes, torture and killings of Armenians during the Genocide. They learned from the Turk gangsters, soldiers, officers and doctors how to inflict maximum physical and emotional damage on the victims.

    How they are similar to each other?

    Both followed the same pattern.

    A country that was looking for pure race to control it. Had to remove minorities that were largely consisting of intellectuals, successful businessmen, doctors, poets, philosophers, scientists, artists, clergy men, and skilled workers. Those were a danger to the majority that had less success and had less intellectuals among it. They were blamed for all problems in their country. The propaganda started by demonizing them, viewing them as traitors and accusing them of committing crimes against their country, all false and fabrications.

    The next step was removal and confiscating of guns and weapons, to prevent private citizens from defending themselves.

    Then the next step was isolation, those who serve in the army were isolated in less equipped and less effective unites, forced into labor and slavery, and then tortured and killed. Among civilians, all men capable of fighting, leaders and intellectuals, were rounded up, imprisoned, tortured and executed, large numbers were executed publicly to terrorize the remaining population. The rest were forced into death camps and death marches, facing certain death or abduction into slavery.

    There were small differences. The number of those who perished were larger during the Holocaust compared to the Armenian Genocide, due to a larger population and larger geographic area the events took place in.

    The Holocaust perpetrator were mostly captured and brought to justice or killed. Germany paid and continues to pay reparations to Israel and the descendents of the victims and their families. Almost all stolen and confiscated property have been returned to their owners or their families. International laws were issued to prevent such events from happening, and even denying it is considered a crime in several countries.

    Sadly, the same cannot be said about the Armenian Genocide. Only a handful of countries officially recognized it, while dozens of organizations, local governments, administrations also recognized it, the majority still does not in fear of Turkish government, Turk nationalists and lobbyists retaliation, bullying or bribing local officials and law makers. The stolen and confiscated properties remain in the hands of the Turks. Armenians are virtually living in fear it Turkey, have virtually no rights, subject to crushing and intimidation, cannot mention the word Genocide referring to these events without being prosecuted under the notorious article 301 of the Turkish penal code, and Turkey continues to threaten any country, local government, or organization if they mention the Genocide or recognize it.

    To this day, Turkey continues to run smear the victims and their descendents arguing that no Genocide happened, the numbers of the victims are bloated, and those who perished were traitor that were justly killed, in short they had it coming. This is just like a rapist blaming the rape victim for her own rape, and arguing that she had it coming and she caused it.

    Hate speech, racism, revisionist history can still be found in Turkish curriculum and is daily seen in Turkish media and newspapers.

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