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Why is the law always harder on black people?

For example TJ lane shot dead 4 white kids and 1 black kid and he got life in jail without parole.

While Dylan Toof shot dead 9 black people and he got the death pentaly.

The death pentaly is the easiest way out death takes away anyone's worry or pain life in jail without parole is super hard and would be hell.

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    Not all states have the death penalty. It isn't about race, it is because every state has their own laws. TJ Lane committee his crime in Ohio and Dylan Roof committed his in South Carolina.

    The death penalty is not that simple. The appeals process can take more than 10 years and cost millions of dollars.

  • 3 years ago

    Death penalty is the EASIER? Oh, give me a break.

    1. It can take a lifetime to execute these days.

    2. It also means YOU DIE when it's carried out.

    3. Dead is dead. Reason why DS prisoners beg for commuted sentences.

    The sole thing easier about the death penalty is that often you are kept out of the general prison population. Reason? The general population would likely carry out the death penalty it's own way. In Roof's case. AND in Lane's case.

  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

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