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Available Balance v. Current Balance?

My bank says the difference between available balance and current balance is this:

You can also see your Current Balance, which is the actual amount of money posted in your account, and the Available Balance, which is the amount of money you have to draw upon. Your Available Balance does not include funds that are being held. For example, only the first $100 of a pending ATM deposit is immediately available and included in the Available Balance.

SO If I have a CURRENT balance of $435.19 and an AVAILABLE balance of $1,174.49 does that mean im going to over draw 739.30 {the difference}. Sorry if i seem dumb but im confused- i just started out on my own and dont really have ne one to ask these things. THANK YOU!

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    No you will not overdraft.

    If the above numbers are true you likely have an ACH deposit that hit account this morning and is increasing available balance. but it will not actually be posted until today so tomorrow morning that deposit will be reflected in current balance. if no other activity occurs today tomorrow your current and available with both be $1,174.49.

    You could withdraw $1,174.49 today if you wanted to.

  • Your current balance is the amount of money in your account at the beginning of a business day. This amount does not include any pending deposits or withdrawals.

    Your available balance is your current balance minus any pending debit card purchases, automatic drafts, processing checks or other debits from your account. The available balance also takes any pending deposits into consideration.

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