Marines: Going to SOI/ITB do i wear the barracks cover or the garrison cover?

Also if i wear the garrison cover, how do i salute if i need to?

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    Simon: If you went to bootcamp, did you fall asleep during the uniform and military courtesy part of training?

    1. When checking into ITB, you can wear either the barracks cover or garrison cover (sometimes called the fore and aft cover or piss cover). You salute the same way regardless of type of cover: Barracks, garrison, helment, utility cover. With your right hand, fingers together and flat with the palm of your hand, thumb alongside the index finger; raise your hand with a straight, in line, forearm to the edge of the cover or just above the right eyebrow. Hold that salute until the officer returns it.

    That is how you do it. Glasses? What does that have to do with anything? Nothing changes with or without glasses.

    I'm hoping that you are a poolee who has not been to bootcamp yet. If you finished bootcamp and on leave, you need to be recycled since you have obviously missed a lot.

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    You will taught everything you need to know in boot camp.

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