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I can't get a tampon in!?

I've tried literally everything. The bending over and one foot on the toilet the moist one (ik it's gross) so what can I do to get a tampon in. Please help I'm sure it's my hymen. How can I break it or at least get a tampon in

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  • Kasha
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    Your hymen doesn't 'break', and it's rare that a hymen would be an issue with tampon insertion - if your hymen does cover more of your vaginal opening than usual then you can slowly stretch it over time using your fingers and lubrication (don't force it, it shouldn't hurt) or if that doesn't work talk to your doctor about removing the hymen.


    - Use lowest absorbency and during your heaviest flow.

    - Use non-applicator tampons that give you more control.

    - Use cotton tampons which are softer and hypo-allergenic.

    - Check instructions, even if you think you know it already.

    - Lubricate your vagina and tampon with KY jelly or olive oil.

    - Masturbate; when aroused vagina relaxes, lubricates, and opens.

    - Feel for resistance so you can guide the tampon past vaginal walls.

    - Try inserting your finger to get used to the sensation of penetration.

    - Try laying down and looking at your vulva with a mirror while inserting.

    - If it doesn't work don't keep forcing it, stop and try another day.

    - Try different positions to find one more comfortable for you.

    - Aim towards the small of your back, not straight up.

    - Practice relaxing and tensing your PC muscles.

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  • 3 years ago

    Yes your hymen is stopping it. Before you can insert the tampon you need to break it. Push your finger in as far as you can, then firmly push it rght in

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  • 3 years ago

    Jay is exactly right. Please do not go shoving your finger into yourself as hard as you can, that will just make you sore.

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