What is the best country to retire in central america warm weather-wise?

Affordable Housing, low crime, Hurricane free. decent Hospital care, close to Paradise but not to close; lots of years to go I Hope ?

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    Well none of the seven Central American countries have what you want:

    *Affordable Housing: You can find it in all of the Central American Countries

    *Low Crime: Oh man, this is hard. Central America is the most dangerous region in the world according to the UN. This situation is worse in the Northern Triangle (Specially in Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador; but increasingly in Nicaragua, Belize remains as the safiest country in Northern Central America), but in Costa Rica and Panama the situation is not good either. These two countries have levels more similar to those found in South America, but they are still dangerous.

    *Hurricane Free: Only Panama, and it still have risk of flooding.

    *Decent Hospital Care: Costa Rica and Panama.

    *Close to the paradise: San Jose is surrounded by volcanoes and rain-forest. Panama City has rain-forest as well. Guatemala City and Tegucigalpa lie between beautiful mountains. Belmopan, has rain-forest. Managua and San Salvador are close to lakes and beaches.

    In resume none of the countries have all you need. Crime and Hurricanes are major problems.

    Here are the choices:

    *Belize: Only English speaking country in the region. It is a beautiful country, and the only country in Northern Central America with no maras. It has a well preserved rain-forest. Houses are really cheap. Devasting hurricanes from June to November. Coastal Flooding year-round. If you do not know spanish, Belize is your option.

    *Guatemala: It is a real paradise: volcanoes, rain-forest, beaches, mountains.... The worst part: High crime levels, violent earthquakes, hurricanes, flooding... But you have to consider that the living cost is low, so it is a really good option. If you now how to take care about your safety, Guatemala should be your option.

    *El Salvador: Well, rain-forest were cutted many years ago. But it still have beautiful volcanoes and small rain-forest areas in well preserved National Parks. People very friendly like in the rest of the region. Safety? 14 deaths daily because of the gangs, maras, etc. Natural Hazards? You're in the Land of the Volcanoes (they are an attractive, but also some of them are active), earthquakes, some hurricanes. El Salvador is a good option, because is an small country with a lot of things. You won't spent many money in transport. But safety is piece of sh.. here.

    *Nicaragua: Let me see, you have the second largest rain-forest in Latin America here. Many volcanoes, the largest Lake in Central America (it even have sharks), rivers. Safety? it is a dangerous country but safer than Guatemala, El Salvador and Honduras. What about natural hazards? this country is EXTREMELY SUSCEPTIBLE TO HURRICANES, also destructive earthquakes, and of course volcanic activity. Landslides are not rare. As the poorest country in the region, the living coast is really low, so if you have money come to Nicaragua. But do not forget the political instability and take care on the streets.

    *Honduras: Rain-forest, mountains, and some of the best beaches in the region (if not the best), Honduras is a real paradise. But it is a dangerous country, the most dangerous in the region. Despite being Volcano free (oh yes! no eruptions), Honduras is susceptible to hurricanes and earthquakes. The living coast is low, so Honduras is an attractive option. You have many places to go.

    *Costa Rica: Rain-forest is the biggest attraction, also volcanoes, beaches and rivers. Costa Rica has political stability, a decent Hospital Care and Affordable Housing. But the safety is getting really bad; however is the safest of all the region's countries. Natural Hazards? Costa Rica lies between two tectonic plates, so EARTHQUAKES ARE A MAJOR PROBLEM, also hurricanes along the Caribbean Coast. Costa Rica is also among the best ones, in fact many people retire here, but the living cost is higher than that of Northern Central American countries.

    *Panama: Rain-forest, the Canal, beaches... Panama is the richest country in the region, it has the best Hospital Care. Panama is a little bit more dangerous than its northern neighbor of Costa Rica. But Natural Hazards are not a big problem, as Hurricanes rarely hit the country (for example the Hurricane Mitch did not affected it).

    You have the last choice, I would choose either Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala or Honduras.

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    4 years ago

    Costa Rica.

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