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In the movie Carrie, what mental illness does Carrie's mother, Margaret, have?

I mean, I know it's fiction and all, but......

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    I agree with DeeDee, but I wanted to add that what Margaret White practiced was not even mainstream Christianity, but some weird cult. The book that she hit Carrie with was not the Bible, nor do any of the verses That she quoted come from the Bible. It was some weird, apostate book written by some unknown author. There is no way that God, the very creator of sex, would condemn married heterosexual sex. Margaret was greatly deceived. Notice also that she seems to be cut off from any church, which is dangerous, because it allows people to form their own, error-laden, unscriptural dogmas, as it appears Mrs. White has done. It is difficult to determine what denomination she belongs to, if any, because there seems to be a mix of many denominations there. Poor Carrie is just along for the ride, but because of the failure of her mother, will never know the love and freedom of Christ.

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    Margaret White was a domineering, religious zealot and delusional. Most likely, she would have been diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic. Her condition, however, deteriorated due to her advancing age and no ongoing treatment.

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