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? asked in Science & MathematicsZoology · 3 years ago

who would win a fight between bear vs. tiger?

for decades there has been big debate as to who will win. some say tiger and some say bear, but no general agreement.

Tigers and bears live side by side in India, parts of China and Siberia and they do get into territorial disputes. The results are mixed -- sometimes bear kills tiger or at time bear is found killed.

But who really is more likely to win?

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  • 3 years ago
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    Quote by Ketuar:

    "When Discovery tried "brown bear vs. tiger" in Animal Face-Off, the bear won, but I think their tiger behaved in a way a real tiger would not have behaved."

    This is very true. Their Tiger did not behave like one would in the wild. You have to take in different factors: Weather conditions, terrain (like somebody else said). Lack of Food: Which has gone the longest without food (Strength will go to whomever ate last).etc...

    The guy who said the tigers bite would not go through the Bears hide. That is very untrue. There have been documented cases in Russia (where the Russian Brown bear is going extinct, whose habitat overlaps the Siberian Tigers) where Russian scientists have tagged Russian bears where they have found Deep puncture wounds from bite marks that did not match that of another Bear, but more from a large Tiger. Wounds that definitely pierced right through the bears hide. These puncture wounds were found all around the neck area. So the show doesn't really factor in all of these. I saw the same show and they did not factor in alot of things.

    Qoutes out of the encyclopedia:

    Siberian tigers and brown bears can be competitors and usually avoid confrotation; however, tigers will kill bear cubs and even some adults on occasion. Bears (Asiatic black bears and brown bears) make up 5-8% of the tigers diet in the Russian Far East.[31].

    THEY KILL and EAT BROWN BEARS. Tigers are solitary animals. They hunt alone. So One Tiger can bring down a BROWN BEAR. mmmmm A tigers Teeth can't punture a bears hide. Well then how do they eat BROWN BEARS. Keatur should do a little research and not soley rely on one televison show !

    Tigers may kill such formidable predators as leopards, pythons and even crocodiles on occasion,[42][43][44] although predators typically avoid one another. Tigers have been known to suppress wolf populations in areas where the two species coexist.[45][46]

    Crocodiles have tougher hide than a BEAR and they are still able to kill them ...................

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  • G
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    3 years ago

    The tiger its a far mor dangerous animal than a bear it has stronger bite more agility sharper claws is more powerful than a bear if anything i would say majority of the time a tiger will win unless its up against a polar beqr than its more in the bears favor but the chance of that fight just happening out of the blue is highly improbable but yeah a more comparable fight to the bear an the tiger is like a wolf versus a dog majority of the time the wolf is the more vicious fighter but you can still get a dog killing a wolf if its traits are in its favor

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  • 3 years ago


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