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Should the U.S. send ground troops to fight ISIS?

Would you say yes or no? In Iraq, ISIS is already fighting the Kurds and the Shiite led Iraqi forces and Iran has sent in troops in Iraq to side with the Shiites in Iraq against ISIS, In Syria there is Bashar Assads military forces fighting ISIS. and the Syrian rebels linked to Al Qaeda fighting both Assads military and ISIS. And Russia is already giving weapons to the governments in Iraq and Syria to fight ISIS. Since our enemies are fighting each other in the Middle East, should we send ground troops? or should we just stay out of it and let our enemies kill each other?

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    If the US sends troops the following things need to be done-

    1.) should work with all the powers fighting ISIS and understand this may mean Iran will have de facto control of at least part of Iraq.

    2.) Stop backing the Syrian rebles as that is how ISIS got as strong as they did in the first place

    3.) Examine our relationship with Syria, Saudi Arabia and Iran- the house of Saud tends to behave like ISIS

  • Stoo
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    3 years ago

    ISIS is going to be wiped out shortly, because of sustained pressure from Iraqi and Kurd forces. It won't matter, because their followers will still do stupid crap wherever they are, and just like al Qaeda in Iraq morphed into ISIS, ISIS will morph into something else. Extremism doesn't need a caliphate to survive, it does just fine in people's imagination, and the next godforesaken shithole of anarchy that pops up, they'll just move there.

    If you want to eliminate extremism, build civil society. Instead everyone seems keen on tearing that down.

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    Nope. Let all the other nations get this one................they like to squawk about US interference...............okay, so let's not interfere this time...........and let ISIS topple all those dictators and despots and sultans.

    let's see what their great answer is to the Whole problem.

  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    The US would only be embarrassed like they were in Afganistan or Vietnam.

    All US citizens think their army is unbeatable!!!!!

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