Is it ok for me to get a Tattoo at 18?

As a Christian/Baptist I do believe in God, though I have many questions which are for some other questions, anyway I want a tattoo for my 18th birthday in September of this year. I have a long time to think about this and change my mind if necessary but as of right now I would like to get the word "Archangel Michael" on my right arm and "Archangel Gabriel" on my left arm. For me Michael would represent my strength and ever growing need to strive to be great, while Gabriel would represent my need to obtain more knowledge and become smarter. I figured if those go well a year or two later I'd get a Cross over my heart.

So is getting a tattoo for those two a bad or good idea. And should I get a tattoo on my 18th birthday or get one sometime after?

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  • Elina
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    3 years ago
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    Please wait a few years before permanently tattooing something on yourself. If you still want them in a year, or two, or three, then get them done. But what sounds like a good idea now, you may hate them later and wish that you didn't get them. Tattoo removal and coverups are expensive.

    I thought that I had the coolest idea for a script tattoo on my arm when I turned 18. So I went out and got it as soon as I was legal. Four years later at 22 I absolutely hated it, hated that everyone was always trying to read what it said. Get used to it if you get ANY words on your body. People will constantly ask you what they say and mean, why you got them, etc and after a while it'll drive you crazy. I ended up spending $400 on a giant cover up.

    Don't be in a rush! Make sure it's the right time.

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  • Wait a year.

    That goes for any tattoo you might want in the future. Considering you've got almost a year to wait anyway, I would say wait until next year still, and use the extra few months to really think on it. Over that waiting period, you can think about if you're really excited about the idea then as you were when you first started wanting it. And by January next year, which isn't that long of a wait after you turn eighteen, ask yourself if it's something you really want or something you're glad you didn't actually get. A year isn't that long, and if the tattoos would still hold some meaning to you by then, then there you go. Some people wait even two years or longer so they can be sure they wouldn't have regretted getting the tattoo they thought they wanted. It's up to you, though, and whether you think you're ready for that kind of commitment or not.

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  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    In all the time you've spent obsessing about your stupid tattoos, you probably could have invented a cure for cancer or something.

    • Jacob3 years agoReport

      Thanks but I'm only 17 at the moment

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  • 3 years ago

    I think you should do what you like with your own body, it doesn't sound like something you'd regret.

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