What are he pros and cons of being married with a child?

Sorry, I don't care if you guys want to say don't get married because of a baby because ill get divorced, we've had a bunch of people who just don't answer any questions we have posted. I just want to know if it would advantageous to get married for our taxes or for our baby. What kind of advantages do we get, and are there any disadvantages?

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    4 years ago
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    Statistically, children with two married biological parents are much better off in a variety of ways. Children of divorce are about twice as likely to have health problems, both mental and physical, anger problems, depression, have higher rates of dropping out of school, are more likely to commit crimes as adults, are more likely to have issues with drugs, etc. Children in single-family homes who were never married share these issues, plus they are usually further down the poverty line and suffer from all the losses in opportunity and increases in crime that creates on top of what would have happened in a divorce situation, making their situation even stickier.

    Legally, there are a few big pluses to marriage. You get to file jointly for taxes, you get to have say over each other's medical decisions, one partner can be on the other spouse's insurance, and you can collect each other's social security when you are old and one passes.

    If you rely on government assistance, though, you will get a loss in SSI, food stamps, and Section 8 housing if you marry.

    A very important aspect, though, is whether you think you could be happy together for 18 or more years. Is your relationship dynamic healthy? Because if you fight and carry on all the time, your children will see that growing up and think it is normal, which can have very long lasting damaging effects on children. If you don't have a relationship you want your child to mimic themselves as an adult and you can't break this dynamic with counseling or personal effort, you may need to split up. If you can't see bearing to be with your child's parent long term, you might want to cut things off while your child is still young and won't remember a messy breakup. But if you are happy together and could see spending your life together in a good marriage and would like to marry each other even without a child in the picture, then marriage would be a good choice.

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    Being married does provide you with a little bit of a tax break, if you have a house have them as dependents, got married that year you are filing but then not the following year. the child tax brake if you qualify gets applied if you are married or not. there isn't a big bonus or anything for being married, you want to get married do it because you want to be married have a legal claim on somebody and give your child an honorable family. other then that you can still get the same benefits filing single and having a spiritual commitment to someone.

  • 4 years ago

    legally its better. You're married under the law. If something bad happens, yo're identified under law as the spouse, able to get life insurnace, visit someone in the hospital.

    My freind who was living with a guy, the guy got into a bad motorcycle accideent. She couldn't visit because she wasn't considered family.

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    4 years ago

    Being married without children is awesome. Being married with children not so much. The children became the center of attention and before you know it you don't even know your spouse anymore or how they are doing.

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  • 4 years ago

    if you have a kid you need to get married to her,

    every child deserves a stable family where mother and father are present.

    God bless

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    What's the baby's name?

    Credit? Write-off?

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