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Is there anything I can do at home to get rid of REALLY deep blackheads?

I can't get rib of my blackheads with anything I have found so far like steaming, masks, pore strips, or exfoliating. I've had horrible pitted blackheads since I started puberty. I have a few on my cheeks beside my nose that I could stick the tip of a ballpoint pen into. I have a lot of blackhead in my chest and back that are deep too.

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  • syl
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    4 years ago
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    Black-head removing tools have been available for years. They're somewhat painful to use, as they require a fair bit of pressure to use, but they do work and are effective. You can purchase one, or a complete set at most drug stores or pharmacies.

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    The only way to get rid of them, is to see a Dermatologist. They will have the right tools and meds to get rid of those nasty blackheads. THE TOOLS that this other commenter has shown you here, (BESTOPE brand) do not work. They are just trying to sell you a product that has no use.

  • Laura
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    4 years ago

    Something like this needs a dermatologist to extract.

  • Burgoo
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    4 years ago


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