iI have a tracfone,on the left hand corner the phone displays 3Gmy wife laptop works on a 3G with a mifi from Virgin mobil?

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  • 4 years ago

    I don't know what your question is.

    Tracfone service and your wife's Mifi are separate services.

    Your phone needs a cellular 3G signal to access the internet and to send/receive text attachments. Your phone may be a CDMA phone and use Verizon (or in some areas of the country, Sprint). Or your phone may be a GSM phone and use AT&T (or in some areas of the country T-mobile).

    Your wife's Mifi uses Virgin Mobile which uses Boost's coverage - not sure whose towers.

    Here are maps - your Tracfone probably gets a 3G signal more places than your Wifi's Mifi


    In any case, I don't know what your question is but you cannot use each other's 3G. You each have separate hardware that receives signals from different towers.

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