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Name this Family?

Surname: Zemi, Bodan, Klein, Peiffer, Walker, Anderson

Mom: Hannah, Bernadette, Eva, Ashtyn, Penelope, Samira

Dad: Jonathan, Wilson, Louis, Maverick, Dylan, Christopher

Son 1: Noah, Ross, Adrian, Oliver, Benjamin, Jack

Son 2: Levi, Blaise, Owen, Mitchell, Jasper, James

Son 3: Ellis, Samuel, Caleb, Jacob, Isaac, Gabriel

Daughter 1: Emilia, Harper, Adele, Charlotte, Katrina, Lucy

Daughter 2 (twin): Johanna, Olivia, Megan, Grace, Abigail, Victoria

Daughter 3 (twin): Giselle, Elizabeth, Sarah, Ava, Rachel, Brooklyn

Son 4: Alexander, Ezra, Nathan, Ethan, Michael, Jeremy

Daughter 4: Audrey, Violet, Jocelyn, Madison, Leah, Rebecca

Daughter 5 (triplet): Sophia, Rose, Riley, Stella, Ruby, Aurora

Son 5 (triplet): Finn, Daniel, Lucas, Ryan, Sebastian, Hayden

Son 6 (triplet): Mason, Andrew, Austin, Joshua, Logan, Myles

Daughter 6: Danielle, Taylor, Piper, Madeline, Alice, Evelyn


Samira Bernadette Klein-Zemi - 43

Jonathan Dylan Zemi - 45

Benjamin Noah Zemi - 18

Mitchell James Zemi - 16

Jacob Ellis Zemi - 14

Emilia Lucy Zemi -13

*Johanna Grace Zemi - 11

*Elizabeth Ava Zemi - 11

Alexander Ethan Zemi - 8

Madison Violet Zemi - 6

**Aurora Stella-Rose Zemi - 4

**Lucas Finn Zemi - 4

**Andrew Myles Zemi - 4

Danielle Taylor Zemi - 1

~Sami and Jon have Ben, Mitch, Jake, Emma, Annie, Lizzie, Alex, Maddie, Rory, Luke, Drew, and Dani~

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    Penelope Hannah and Christopher Louis Walker

    Noah Benjamin (19)

    James Mitchell (17)

    Samuel Isaac (15)

    Lucy Harper (13)

    Victoria Grace (twin 12)

    Elizabeth Sarah (twin 12)

    Alexander Ethan (9)

    Madison Audrey (7)

    Sophia Rose (triplet 4)

    Lucas Daniel (triplet 4)

    Joshua Myles (triplet 4)

    Danielle Taylor (3)

    -Penny and Chris, Noah, James, Sam, Lucy, Tori, Elizabeth, Alex, Maddie, Sophia, Luke, Josh, and Dani Walker

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    The Bodan Family

    Ashtyn Penelope

    Maverick Louis

    Noah Ross

    Levi Blaise

    Caleb Gabriel

    Harper Adele

    Olivia Megan

    Brooklyn Ava

    Ethan Alexander

    Audrey Leah

    Riley Rose

    Sebastian Daniel

    Myles Austin

    Taylor Evelyn

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    The Klein Family

    Mom: Penelope Eva

    Dad: Jonathan Louis

    Son 1: Noah Ross

    Son 2: Levi James

    Son 3: Isaac Jacob

    Daughter 1: Emilia Adele

    Daughter 2: Victoria Grace

    Daughter 3: Rachel Brooklyn

    Son 4: Alexander Ethan

    Daughter 4: Violet Leah

    Daughter 5: Sophia Rose

    Son 5: Daniel Lucas

    Son 6: Andrew Logan

    Daughter: Danielle Taylor

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    The Bodan's :

    Eva Ashton

    Jonathan Maverick

    Jack Ross

    Levi James

    Jacob Ellis

    Charlotte Harper

    Abigail Grace and Ava Brooklyn

    Nathan Alexander

    Violet Madison

    Ruby Aurora, Lucas Finn and Myles Austin

    Piper Madeline

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    Surname: Walker

    Hannah Bernadette

    Christopher Louis

    Noah Jack

    Jasper James

    Caleb Isaac

    Charlotte Lucy

    Olivia Grace

    Brooklyn Elizabeth

    Alexander Ethan

    Madison Leah

    Ruby Rose

    Daniel Ryan

    Joshua Myles

    Alice Piper

    Hannah & Chris Walker have: Noah, JJ, Caleb, Charlee, Livia, Brooke, Alex, Maddie, Ruby, Daniel, Josh & Alice.

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    Eva Hannah Klein

    Christopher Wilson Klein

    Oliver Ross Klein

    James Owen Kliein

    Samuel Elias Klein

    Emilia Victoria

    Johanna Adel Klein & Ava Elizabeth Klein

    Nathan Alexander Klein

    Violet Audrey Klein

    Sophia Rose & Finn Ryan & Andrew Joshua Klein

    Danielle Piper Klein

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    Eva Ashtyn Klein (nee Bodan)

    Dylan Louis Klein

    Jack Noah Klein

    Jasper James Klein

    Ellis Gabriel Klein

    Lucy Charlotte Klein

    Olivia Abigail Klein

    Ava Rachel Klein

    Alexander Michael Klein

    Audrey Violet Klein

    Stella Rose Klein

    Sebastian Finn Klein

    Austin Mason Klein

    Madeline Danielle Klein

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    Hannah Ashtyn and Jonathan Wilson Klein

    Benjamin Ross – 23

    Owen Blaise – 22

    Jacob Ellis – 19

    Harper Charlotte – 16

    Megan Olivia – twin 15

    Brooklyn Sarah – twin 15

    Michael Ezra – 11

    Leah Audrey – 10

    Riley Rose – triplet 8

    Daniel Finn –triplet 8

    Andrew Logan – triplet 8

    Madeline Alice – 7

    -Hannah and Jon, Ben, Owen, Jake, Harper, Megan, Brooklyn, Michael, Leah, Riley, Danny, Andy, and Madeline Klein

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    The Walker's

    Wilson Maverick Walker and his wife, Penelope Bernadette Walker

    Benjamin Oliver Walker "Olly"

    Owen James Walker

    Ellis Isaac Walker

    Adele Harper Walker

    Abigail Victoria Walker

    Sarah Elizabeth Walker

    Ezra Alexander Walker

    Violet Rebecca Walker

    Aurora Rose Walker

    Finn Lucas Walker

    Mason Myles Walker

    Alice Evelyn Walker

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    Mom: Hannah Eva Klein

    Dad: Dylan Christopher Klein

    Son 1: Noah Jack Klein

    Son 2: James Owen Klein

    Son 3: Isaac Jacob Klein

    Daughter 1: Harper Emilia Klein

    Daughter 2 (Twin): Grace 'Gracie' Victoria Klein

    Daughter 3 (Twin): Ava Brooklyn Klein

    Son 4: Ethan Ezra Klein

    Daughter 4: Madison 'Maddie' Leah Klein

    Daughter 5 (Triplet): Riley Aurora Klein

    Son 5 (Triplet): Daniel Hayden Klein

    Son 6 (Triplet): Mason Austin Klein

    Daughter 6: Madeline Piper Klein

    All the children

    Noah (25)

    James (24)

    Isaac (21)

    Harper (19)

    Gracie and Ava (18)

    Ethan (16)

    Maddie (15)

    Riley, Daniel and Mason (14)

    Madeleine (10)

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