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My cat coughing help!?

I think it is a hairball , what can i do it sounds bad

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    Cats can get hairballs. You can try offering a bit of milk which may help pass the hairball. Or, you can purchase the medication pet supply stores sell for hairballs: Hairball Remedy, for example. This is an oily substance that helps things pass through the digestive tract.

    If this doesn't help, take the kitty to the vet. Cats can get other things that can make them cough, even though they don't actually have a furball. Keep in mind that anything you offer that can pass a hairball may also cause some temporary diarrhea, but that may be preferable to a blocked digestive tract.

    After this hairball is relieved, try the following:

    -Feed like this: Mix 1 cup dry food/2 tablespoons canned/1 cup water. Feed about 1/4 cup two times per day. Never feed only dry food. This does not digest well, and may contribute to this problem.

    -Offer a bit of canned pumpkin once in awhile, which can help with digestion.

    -Buy a plant called the Dracanea plant which cats love to chew on, and may also help keep hairballs from developing in the first place. By the green plant, but NOT the pink one.


    If the cat does not seem relieved and continues to cough or is in distress, please call your vet. The vet is the best authority on your kitty's health. Parasites and other things can sometimes cause a cat to cough, as well as viruses and other conditions.

    Any time a cat is not eating, or seems tired or lethargic, or vomits or has ANY signs of just not being themselves means the cat is sick, and needs to be seen by a vet.

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    4 years ago

    There is such a thing as hairball medication. It's over-the-counter. Go visit your pet store or veterinary office and buy some.

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    change your cats food

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