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Not to be concieted or anything, but I'm really smart. I always ace my tests with 90s and above without study and over 100s in math. Because my grades are so high, teachers always try to push me to do better since they know I don't even put much effort into my classes. My advisor is trying to ge me into a really good college, the ones that only accept people with averages of 95 and above, but I don't want to go that kind of college with a lot of pressure and high expectations where I'll just be considered "average". My math teacher keeps wanting me to do what he considers hard, interesting and fun extra work, just for me, but I see no point since I don't even like math, and my grade is above 100, but he keeps offering stuff. They also wanted me to do something in STEM, but, again, I'm not interested in doing something in math or science. What I want is to become a film editor and screenwriter, that's why I went to a film school in the first place, back before I realized my talent in academics. I feel like with this "gift" of mine, I could get into some great college and get a really good job in STEM if I tried, and I think my advisor sees that potential in me, and I also feel like her and the people around me don't want to see it go to waste so I can get a simple job that doesn't require much intelligence. However, I'm also scared that it'll be hard for me to get where I want, so I might as well do something that's "easy" for me. I'm not really sure what path to take....

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    4 years ago
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    Your teachers and advisor have good intentions, but there's something they've failed to take into consideration. College is hard - MUCH harder than high school - and especially STEM subjects at a really selective school. These classes are filled with the smartest kids in the country - kids who never got anything but As in high school - and they have to work their butts off to even pass, let alone get high grades. And that's what your teachers apparently don't realize. You gotten through school without studying, so you probably don't have a clue how to really study for a very challenging class. And, from what you wrote, you don't seem very interested in STEM, nor very motivated to work hard at it. This doesn't look like a formula for success. I think you should go with your gut and pursue a degree that interests you, at a school that you're comfortable with. Not everyone is meant to work in a STEM field. The world needs all sorts of people, including film editors and screenwriters. If you're good at it, and if you're really that smart, you will be successful.

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    4 years ago

    Pursing a career in film will most likely not get you a job as soon as you leave college and will be hard to get good pay for a while. You're obviously book smart do something in stem their are so much options become a surgeon or physician you could change others lives and give a significant impact. You're smart and more than capable to become successful don't cheat yourself out of your own success.

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    4 years ago

    You're obviously *book* smart. You're not that intelligent though. 3 evidence of that:

    1) You went to film school without even thinking of doing your research first, not realizing a degree in film wouldn't give you a job in filmmaking. It wouldn't even give you half the tools you're gonna need. You just wasted your parents' money and time instead of getting a useful degree.

    2) You didn't even think to break this huge paragraph of information into separate ones to make it easier on the reader.

    3) You think high scores in certain areas equals smart. High scores means, among other things, that you're good at memorizing information. It also means you're good at those certain areas that you *happen* to learn at school, like math and science.

    So far you showed poor instincts and inability to use your head when it comes to the real world. Stick to science, math, etc. Arts just isn't for you.

  • Stella
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    4 years ago

    Whatever path you take you will not always be the smartest person in the room.

    This is going to happen much sooner than you think.

    Accept that, because honestly you seem a bit hung up on this issue.

    If you want a STEM career, pursue it.

    If you want a career as a screenwriter or director, pursue it.

    Stop worrying about what other people expect or want from you.

    In any case, they are far more concerned about their own lives.

    You get one life, you live it.

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