I am trying to export a video with after effects and it keeps giving me this error. Please help.?

So I follow every step to export a video in AE and it will give me the error ( 7 :: 66 ) it says...

" After effects error. Unable to allocate space for a 9600 x 5400 image buffer. You may be experiencing fragmentation. In the memory & multiprocessing preferences dialogue box, try increasing the RAM to leave for other applications, and selcting the enable disk cache option in the media & disk cache panel.

( 7 :: 66 )

Please someone tell me what to do I have absolutely no idea what I m doing. Please all help is very much appreciated!!!

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  • 3 years ago
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    The error means that your trying to do something your computer cannot handle. Specifically, your hard drive (SSD or regular HDD) does not have enough space to create the huge temp file needed to render to video (nor the video itself when complete). The only fix for this is to have a typically large, blank (2TB+) hard drive (SSD or HDD) as a scratch disk (Google it for more info >> http://creativedojo.net/clean-after-effects-disk-c... ) OR reduce the size of the final video output to something within the realm of playable.

  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    9600 x 5400? WTF?! what are you making a life-sized house video? You dont have enough juice for that size my friend. decrease it. Watch the AE basics videos for cryin out loud. They help.

    Also make sure your AE cache drive has free space.

    Try allocating all the memory to AE and no one else.

    Export it as a Quicktime video, it takes lesser effort to make it than the other ones.

    Or it could just mean whats in front of our eyes, The computer is not strong enough.

    • Josiah3 years agoReport

      Ok Thankyou so much for the help! I will try it!

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