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I want to be a Navy SEAL?

I'm 14 and have wanted to be a SEAL since I was 9. I am wondering 1) should I try to go enlisted or officer?(I've heard that u should go to college but still enlist, then become an officer later because expectations are less for enlisted)-is this true? 2) what should I do to prepare because I really do want this? 3)what are the chances of becoming a SEAL?

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    Navy Seal Requirements: It is long, but read it all.

    You can request to join the SEAL/s prior to enlisting through the SEAL Challenge Contract (Seaman to SEAL program). The SEAL Challenge Contract guarantees you the opportunity to become a SEAL candidate and entitles you to certain bonuses and benefits when you enlist.

    If you don't get a SEAL Challenge Contract prior to enlisting, you can still volunteer to take the Physical Screening Test (PST) during the first week of boot camp. If you successfully pass the PST a Naval Special Operation Motivator will interview you. The motivator will then submit a request for you to enter the Naval Special Warfare (BUD/S) training pipeline.

    TIP: Be sure to tell the Navy recruiter that you want to take the SEAL Challenge before you enlist. SEAL volunteers that don't have the SEAL Challenge Contract prior to joining don't qualify for the same benefits as applicants that have the contract.


    All SEAL candidates are required to meet the following qualification standards and pass the Physical Screening Test (PST):

    Minimum – Average - Optimum numbers are given after each event.

    Swim 500 yard breast or side stroke 12:30 -10:00 - 9:30 Minutes

    Push-ups in two-minutes 42 – 79 – 100 Number of Push ups

    Sit-ups in two-minutes 50 – 79 – 100 Number of sit ups

    Pull-ups no time limit 06 – 11- 25 Number of pull ups

    Run 1.5 miles* 11:00 - 10:20 - 09:30 Minutes

    Meet the following:

    18-28 years old (17 with parental permission).

    A U.S. citizen. Green card holders not accepted.

    High school graduate (or meet High Performance Predictor Profile (HP3) criteria). Be proficient in reading, speaking, writing, and understanding the English language.

    Have clean record - Not be under civil restraint, a substance abuser nor have a pattern of minor convictions or any non-minor, misdemeanour, or felony convictions (waivers are granted depending on number and severity). The Special Assistant for Legal Affairs must not enlist applicants with lawsuits pending against them without prior approval.

    Eyesight Requirements: Uncorrected vision in the better eye can be no worse than 20/70, the worse eye no more than 20/100. Both eyes must be correctable to 20/20. Color deficiencies require approval.

    No Medical problems

    No Visible Tattoos or Piercings

    ASVAB minimum requirements: SEAL - GS+MC+EI=165 or VE+MK+MC+CS=220 Since you cannot get a waiver on the required ASVAB score it is critical that you score high on the ASVAB.

    The ASVAB subtests are: General Science (GS); Arithmetic Reasoning (AR); Word Knowledge (WK); Paragraph Comprehension (PC); Numerical Operations (NO); Coding Speed (CS); Auto and Shop Information (AS); Mathematics Knowledge (MK); Mechanical Comprehension (MC); Electronics Information (EI); and Sum of Word Knowledge and Paragraph Comprehension (VE).

    Your ASVAB Score can be Critical

    ASVAB test scores are broken down by the individual sub-tests and composites of the sub-tests. One of the most critical of these scores is the Armed Forces Qualification Test, which is used to determine if you are qualified to join the military service. Each service determines the qualification AFQT score for enlisting in their service.

    The AFQT is comprised of your test results in Arithmetic Reasoning (AR), Math Knowledge (MK), and Verbal Composite (VE) x 2. Your Verbal Composite score is a combination of your Word Knowledge and Paragraph Comprehension scores.

    In addition, your scores on the other ASVAB composite tests will determine your career field or military occupation eligibility. Since enlistment bonuses are usually tied to your choice of occupations, the better the score, the more opportunities you have. But keep in mind, it is impossible to literally "ace" the ASVAB, so your goal should be to simply do your best.

    TIP: Be sure you are ready before you take the ASVAB -- use the ASVAB practice tests to find the areas you may need to work on. In addition you can read about ASVAB study techniques.

    Once you enlist in the delayed entry program, you will be assigned a SEAL/SWCC mentor who will screen / test and help prepare you for the first level of training Boot Camp and Pre-BUDS. You will be judged initially by your Navy PST scores so prepare for this phase of your journey by practicing the PST several times. Consider the PST your Entrance Exam -- you will be required to take the Navy SEAL PST prior to attending boot camp several times with your SEAL/SWCC mentor.

    After Boot Camp, you will attend an advanced workout program at Great Lakes that will prepare you for BUD/S. Taking the Navy SEAL PST is still a requirement and getting into the optimum range is highly recommended. For the latest in academic, physical, psychological, background requirements, see the Official Navy SEAL/SWCC Page.

    Since Navy SEAls are only used for the riskiest military missions, they qualify for an extra $240 per month hazardous duty incentive pay and $225 imminent danger/hostile fire pay. They also can potentially earn a $225 monthly bonus if their mission involves parachuting or demolition and $240 for diving. SEALs are also eligible for an annual special clothing allowance of up to $760 and as much as $960 per month as a housing allowance.

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    I would go for Officer. Throughout these years you have now you can hone your leadership and discipline skills in order to become an officer. Being an officer has far more benefits: You're respected, your work-life will be far better, your pay will be a lot higher and you will have a multitude of career options as an officer.

    For preparation, work on maturity, self-discipline, leadership skills, persistence and dedication.

    You could go for a run everyday and workout. Really build up your fitness as excellent fitness is crucial for any military branch. You could work on your leadership skills by becoming the captain of a sports team and leading your team to success. Anything is possible if you set your mind to it, the chances of becoming a SEAL are high if you set your mind to it, focus, work and achieve. Try to stay focused at school too, as a sharp intellect also plays its part in the Navy and the good grades will show your determination and intelligence to achieve the best. I had to pass a psychometric test to gain entry for Royal Naval training, along with a Fitness test and Medical test. So you really have to excel in physical fitness, mental capability and physical health.

    Good luck.

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    Officer = College Degree at any rate check back in 4 years Tiger

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