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Any ways to help with acne? (Least expensive, preferably.)?

I've dealt with acne for a while, and I'm sure being a teenager isn't helping. But I'm sort of sick of it, you know? I have a routine, I never miss a day, and yet I wake up and it's still there. Here's my routine:


Wake up, run the hot water and steam face, apply Witch Hazel acne solution, splash cold water on face.


Steam face, apply a face mask, use make up remover/deep pore cleanser (even if I'm not wearing make up,) splash cold water on face (I do this part of the routine twice besides the steaming and face mask,) and then use and use the Witch Hazel, then sleep.

I don't think I drink enough water, but I do have reminders. Any tips/advice/experience? Any easy face masks/mixtures or other acne stuff that's relatively cheap? Side note, I do have sensitive skin..

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    I'm definitely no expert as I too have sensitive, acne ridden skin. But I will say it might help to add some sort of face wash to your routine. (I'm not familiar with witch hazel so maybe that's an alternative to face wash?) A lot of the creams dermatologists prescribe contain either salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide which is found in many face washes (even the cheap ones!) If you've never tried anything with those, it might be worth a shot! For some people one works better than the other so it may be a trial and error deal. Depending on the type of mask you're using, you may not want to do it every night. (But maybe you have one that's intended for everyday use.) Look at what the label says or if it's something you're making yourself, look up the ingredients and double check they're okay to use all the time. (Sometimes using one every night can contribute to irritability of sensitive skin.) There are some cheap topical creams that are sold in drugstores that you don't need a prescription for that you can try too. Neutrogena has a ton of different products and they're all relatively cheap.

    For sure add some sort of face wash to your routine though, I know that helped me a lot!

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    eat healthier. if you do green smoothies everyday for breakfast, it will help a lot. Include kale and/or swiss chard. OR you can drink a tea of 1 tsp of organic honey & 1 tsp of organic apple cider vinegar with warm/hot water for 1st thing in the morning every morning (it will help clear your acne & is very beneficial for your body overall).

    You can just rinse your face at night with warm water and then apply aloe vera gel (from the plant) all over your face and sleep with it on (it will dry on your face & may smell funky but it works). Rinse in the morning.

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    I've recently started using sudocreme on my acne I'm so happy by the results I'm not sure if you can buy it in the u.s but most family's probably have it around the house I apply it topically on the spot overnight

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    Orange fast too?

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