Are suvs as capable as trucks?

I've recently been In the market for a new vehicle for my job. I decided that I liked the Nissan Titan over the Silverado. Today I went to my local Nissan Dealership which is also next to a Toyota dealership owned by the same individual to give me an estimate for the trade in value of my Camaro. Before i left the salesman talked me into looking at a 4Runner trd pro. I test drove it and loved it. It made me wonder though, are suvs as capable when needed as trucks? The reason I'm getting a new vehicle is I need something more practical. Thank you

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    3 years ago
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    Capable for what?

    A Camaro is a perfectly capable car, as long as you don't want to haul a heavy load or lots of people.

    A 4Runner is a decent vehicle, 5 seats and a decent luggage space, with AWD for the snow and some light off roading etc.

    A "Truck" is for carrying or towing heavier loads. They generally don't handle or perform as well (because of their weight), and fuel economy sucks on a heavier vehicle. If you need to tow a boat or camper, then you accept this and get a real truck.

    Personally I find my little V6 Toyota hatchback with a utility trailer can handle everything I need. But then I don't have to tow a 2 ton boat around.

    So what you YOU need from your vehicle?

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    Most SUV are equally as capable as a pickup truck. In fact many SUVs are built on the same chassis as their pickup truck cousins.

    The biggest difference is cargo capacity vs passenger capacity. You can't throw a ton of rocks in the back of an SUV and you can't carry 6 friends to the lake in a pick up truck.

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    An SUV is just a glorified station wagon.

    a truck on the other hand is built to haul things and take some abuse.

    The ONLY SUV still being made that is as durable is the Suburban or GMC's equivalent.

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    Can you haul lumber in an suv? How about rock or dirt?? If you need a truck buy a truck. Do your research Nissan Titan don't do as well on fuel as others.

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    3 years ago

    That's why the seats fold.

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