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Can someone help me cure my break out?

I m 16 and as expected, I have breakouts. But, mine are very bad. They look sore, red, and very unattractive I got a bad breakout on my forehead in August last year (5 months ago) after being lucky enough with clear skin untill then and it is now probably worse than ever.

The break out has moved to under my cheek bones, my chin and a small bit around my nose and mouth. I looked for similar cases online and I think what started it off was make-up. Cosmetic acne is the name of this. I am fairly sure this is what I have because it looks identical and feels just how people describe it. It is so frustrating since I wash my face frequently and remove makeup every single day after school. I have read all the "home remedies such as salt water, aloe vera, honey, face steaming, lemon, face masks, even coffee but nothing seems to work despite my constant efforts.

This is damaging my confidence severly to the point where I put my hand to my face in order to cover it even around ny famly! Is there anything someone could recommend? I have genuinely tried everything I could find online so I'm hoping maybe someone has a unique cream or something they might share with me.

Thank you so much for the answers in advance x

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    Maybe go to a lush near you and ask them something for your skin type. It may be a little pricey but the stuff they make is all natural and cruelty free

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    These pads also help reduce skin hyperpigmentation (acne scars) and increase skin hydration.

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    go to a dermatolgist. you may have cycstic acne

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