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First day of highschool makeup?

I know that it isn't even close to the next school year yet, but i was just experimenting with makeup today and wondering what to wear for my first day of highschool in the fall.

I have

Blue/green eyes

Tan skin

Blonde hair which is about Down to my stomach( sorry I have no other way to explain it)

A pretty small and narrow head

Also I was wondering if I should use concealer of foundation? I've never been a fan of it, and I usually just wear mascara and lipgloss now. Any ideas? Thanks in advance for any answers

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    4 years ago
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    Keep it minimal and natural. Browns are best for light skin, hair and eyes. To make your colored eyes pop, opt for a black mascara on your upper lashes, brown on your lower lashes and brown eyeshadow.

    If you want to line your waterline, line your upper waterline with brown and leave your bottom waterline be.

    If you're thinking of filling in your brows, go for a powder rather than a gel/pomade type of filler and make sure it matches your hair.

    If you're confident with your bare skin, I would say to stay away from foundation, concealer, and anything else that could promote acne.

    Anyways, despite my rambling, whatever makes you happiest is what you should opt for- remember makeup is for you and only you! Good luck in high school (when the time comes). :)

  • 4 years ago

    Something simple, not too much. Its just the first day of school not prom.

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