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I wanna have a baby. How would you feel?

My bf is great. And i think we will be great partners, i dont really want to get married though... well again. Im still married to a man i still love but can never be with because he is physically abusive and wont change . We never had kids and i left him ... he is in texas im in NY and we dont speak but neither of us want a divorce because ... we love eachother.

However i care deeply for my bf now, love him on a different level. He is amazing and we both work and are financially set with eachother . House , 2 trucks, pets... no debt really . He has a son with his ex and he hates her. I've been thinking it might be nice to have a family with this man .

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    What has this bloody stupid question to do with dogs

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    Do not have a baby with your bf until

    - you have divorced the first

    - you have gotten over the first

    - you have dated your bf for at least 2 years and NOT moved in with him. And then you marry your bf.

    Anything less than this, and you are a fool.

    Unless you are a lawyer or a surgeon and can afford to support yourself and a baby AND hire a nanny for when you are at work _50-60 hours a week)

    The fact that your bf hates his ex is a VERY bad sign. It means he doesn't work with his emotions. And the fact that his ex is a lousy person means HE is unconsciously a lousy person too.

    Don't expect to stay with him for more than a few more years. There is trouble under the surface.

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    I advise you to let go of your husband. You obviously wont be continuing the relationship with him and if you truly love your boyfriend you would be able to confide in him for all your love needs. It's okay to still be in contact with him, but I don't recommend starting a family with the new guy until it's clean and cut with your husband. But then again, this choice all comes down to you and what you think is right. All anyone on here can do is suggest! Hope this helps and that your predicament is solved!

  • dolly
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    4 years ago

    Before you have a baby you first need to make up your mind which one of these guys you in fact really love! Seems you are undecided! Your husband is physically abusive and will not change. I hope you are not seriously considering having a baby with your BF before divorcing your husband! You might be wise to seek professional help in order to sort through your predicament logically.

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    You are a joke. You have to stop being selfish.

    No baby deserves to be born into that mess. FYI since you are married, your abusive husband can file (and get) custody of the baby. Does not matter if he is the dad or not, he is the husband so he will be the legal dad.

  • 4 years ago

    So you just want to make babies and suck off the teat of society with welfare? What GOALS!

    How would I feel? I'd never have a child out of wedlock. You're happy now but get all fat and pregnant and this "wonderful" boyfriend will likely disappear leaving you yet another single mom. Sounds fun, eh?

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    All girls think that baby is a cool thing noo study man!

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    This is pets/dogs, try asking in another category.

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