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Why did Hillary lose nearly all swing states -- FL, OH, PA, NC, IA, WI, MI.?

7 Obama states flipped in 2016. Are liberals really that badly hated?

The ones she won was very narrow margin. Like 2 pct win at most. Not 9 pct win like Ohio for Trump.

Yet libs still continue insulting and mocking Trump supporters as deplorable. How come?

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    The truth is that Hillary didn't campaign much in some of these states. She assumed that she was going to win these states because history told her that these were Democratic states. The real problem that she had was that some of these states had unemployment problems and problems with industries leaving for other countries. She openly insulted the Coal Industry and stated that she was going to destroy them and she had no plan to bring jobs back. If you add that she lies all the time and that she fixed the primaries and was under investigation, you get a recipe for failure. She only won 18 states and they were Democratic states anyway.

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    One reason that comes to my mind is this. The establishment media, Hollywood stars, establishment politicians, etc. denounced Trump and also denounced anyone supporting him. So many of his supporters could not admit they were his supporters for fear of being crucified, so to speak. So for those states that were showing a close race in the polls, the actual results add several percentage points in Trump's favor due to his closet supporters.

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    Cause people want the illegals out and Hillary hinted that she would make an immigration reform that would legalize millions of illegals who still wait for an amnesty that is never gonna come true.

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    I think people have already forgotten that the GOP didn't win either.-

    yes, Hillary lost.........but so did the GOP, half of whom openly OPPOSED Trump.......and they were all BEATEN-

    The GOP didn't win here.................TRUMP won...........because he captured that segment of society that is sick to Death of BOTH Parties..........sick of all the gridlock.............sick of all the arguing and nothing getting done...........and sick to DEATH of Washington.

    So, they elected the OUTSIDER........who was swearing to change things and get America back on track.

    Always a soundbyte that fits well into the ears of hard working Americans, who hate seeing their tax dollars pissed down sink holes.

    So he won. But the PROBLEM is.......he needed to fill 4,000 cabinet seats and positions.........and there wasn't 4,000 more "Trumps" to choose he drained the SWAMP, and put them all in his cabinet instead.

    So even though the GOP didn't win.............they won by default..........because Trump needs to fill his cabinet with someone...............and he's using the same exact pool of swamp monsters, to do it.

    So yeah, sure...........he's president........but he's handing all the power to GOP hardliners.

    So the people that thought they were getting "change"..........just got ROOKED, into electing a hard right gov't.

    Good luck with that.

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    The System is rigged.

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