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Wireless spy camera no wifi?

I am looking for a good spy camera similar to this one.

I am in Hawaii so this one can't be shipped to me.

What I want:

Tiny low profile

Long battery life

Record or photo when motion detected, to SD card.

No wifi.

I want to be able to put it somewhere and have it record when motion is detected and recover it at a later date. For example: place in my storage unit for a day, come back next day and retrieve pictures or video from SD card.

Must ship to Hawaii

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    The Mobius camera would be a good solution for you. It can be set to record with motion detection, records to miniSD card, no WiFi, and great video/audio quality.

    It's available from several different sources, including Amazon.

    Source(s): I own and use a Mobius camera and like it
  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Try a hunting camera

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