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Anonymous asked in TravelCanadaOther - Canada · 3 years ago

what are other websites like the bay canada etc??

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    the bay canada Is a US Owned Corporation with things in Canada.

    In July 2008 HBC was acquired by NRDC Equity Partners, who also owns U.S. luxury department store Lord & Taylor

    Army & Navy Stores

    The Bargain! Shop – discount stores (formerly the Canadian stores of F. W. Woolworth Company, a.k.a. Woolworth's)

    Bed Bath & Beyond – home goods store, part of U.S giant Bed Bath & Beyond

    Bowring Brothers – St. John's, NL, department store, also national home decor store chain

    Canadian Tire – auto repair garage, hardware, home renovations, sports, garden centre, electronics, auto parts, furniture, food, housewares, towels; franchised stores with independent owners

    Costco – US, warehouse superstore, food, electronics, furniture, clothing, car repair

    Dollar Tree Canada (formerly Dollar Giant) – dollar store chain, founded in 2001, head office in Vancouver

    Dollarama – Canada's largest dollar store chain

    Giant Tiger / Tigre Géant – discount stores

    The Gap / Retail Store

    Holt Renfrew – high-end department store

    Home Outfitters – home goods store, subsidiary of Hudsons Bay Company

    HomeSense – discount home goods, Part of U.S giant TJX Companies

    Hudson's Bay – department store owned by Hudson's Bay Company. Formerly called The Bay

    Laliberté – Quebec City department store, founded in 1867[1]

    London Drugs – Western Canadian department store chain that sells personal care products, snacks, electronics, and computers

    La Maison Ogilvy – high-end department store in Montreal

    La Maison Simons – Department store founded in 1840. Stores in Québec, Ontario and Alberta.

    Nordstrom – department store

    The North West Company – retail, primarily northern and smaller towns

    Rossy – discount store chain in Quebec and New Brunswick

    Real Canadian Superstore - chain of grocery stores that also carry electronics, fashion, household items and have instore services such as pharmacies, wine shops, GoodLife Fitness locations and petrol stations. Located in most provinces in Canada.

    Saks Fifth Avenue – department store

    Sears Canada

    The Source – formerly Radio Shack

    Stedmans V&S – discount stores

    Taylor's – Quebec department store

    Uniprix – retail

    Value Village – thrift store, selling clothing housewares, books, misc.

    Walmart Canada – part of US giant Walmart

    Winners/Marshalls – part of US giant TJX Companies

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  • 3 years ago

    Well, they're called websites, and there are lots of them. Most Canadian businesses have websites these days, in fact.

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