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choose your favorite group out of these in order and put good reasons for them all out of public enemy, nwa,wu tang clan,tribe called quest?

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  • Anonymous
    3 years ago
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    A Tribe Called Quest > Wu Tang > Public Enemy >>> NWA

    1.) A Tribe Called Quest - Most consistent group of the bunch, have multiple classic projects, timeless production, great songwriting, without these guys there would be no OutKast, The Roots, Kanye, Little Brother, Slum Village, and many of the greatest conscious hip hop acts of all-time.

    2.) Wu Tang - Best group of all around rappers, only 2nd because aside from Ghostface, they all sh!t the bed after their debut records. If RZA's basement never flooded back in the day and didn't lose all of those beats that we'll never hear, Wu could be #1.

    3.) Public Enemy - Changed politics in music forever. Had a great run in the late 80's and early 90's, but in terms of rapping ability, Chuck D wasn't that strong compared to guys like Ghostface and GZA and PE's music hasn't aged well throughout.

    4.) NWA - Everything that PE is but poverty. Cubes dope, Ren's ight, but I don't fûck with the rest of them.

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