How long did it take Rush to write 2112 and was it really hard for them did it drive any of them insane because of how difficult it is to do?

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  • 3 years ago
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    To be honest, the band had been told by their record company they couldn't do what they did on Caress of Steel (1975) and to be more commercial like their first album, so they kind of made it their "protest album" and just told the whole music industry off with it. I see no reason for any freaking out by the band trying to get this to work - they believed in this album.

    They were touring during the writing of the album, so the songs came in little pieces and were well-rehearsed before they got it into the studio. "2112" in military time is 9:12, and 9/12 is (no coincidence) Neal Peart's birthday. Peart wrote all but two of the songs on this album. Geddy Lee wrote "Tears", while Alex Lifeson wrote "Lessons". Both Lee and Lifeson prefer writing music to lyrics, so this was actually exhilarating for the band.

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