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How do I determine if I'm a Republican or Democrat?

So im 14 and I can vote next election and im curious to see what side im on

So far this is all I know

I support gay marrige

I support abortion

I support gun control(somewhat...)

I don't know what climate change is, or how taxes work..

Can someone help me? Thanks!

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    On most of the issues you outline you're closer to Democrats than Republicans. Many Republican politicians are opposed to gay marriage and even more are opposed to abortion. They're all totally against gun control, even the mildest measures. For example, Republicans came out totally against a proposed measure which would have banned people on the terrorism watch list from buying guns.

    Climate change is the warming of the earth caused, mainly, by greenhouse gasses released through human activity (mostly carbon released from things like cars and power plants). What happens is that these pollutants are better at trapping heat than the rest of the atmosphere is, so more of the heat which reaches the earth stays here, rather than being radiated out into space. The result is that the earth is getting warmer, on average. This is a potential problem because it changes the environment in different areas and can do things like increase storms, cause droughts or make crops fail. Democrats basically accept the science of climate change, which is pretty much settled fact among the scientific community (there's still debate on things like how fast change will come and what the consequences are). They support different methods to try and reduce carbon emissions so as to slow global warming. Republicans reject the science of global warming and oppose most government measures to try and curb it.

    In the US, most federal taxes are the progressive income tax. It's progressive because the percentage you pay goes up the more money you make. There are different tax "brackets" which are income ranges within which a certain percentage tax applies. You have to pay that percentage in tax on any income which falls within that bracket. But there's also tons of tax deductions which people can use to lower their tax liability, such as charitable giving, business expenses, having children, owning a home, etc. Republicans generally want lower taxes, particularly on the rich, while Democrats want the wealthy to pay a higher share. Currently, we're taking in much less money in tax revenue than the spending which the government is doing, so we have to borrow to make up the difference.

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      ^ A prime example of a poor education and poor intelligence.

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  • Clive
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    3 years ago

    So far, sounds pretty much Democrat. All those three things you support are more Democrat-type policies.

    Meanwhile, it's a whole four years until you can vote. Plenty of time. Keep an eye on the news - what do Republicans and Democrats say about things, and which of those seem more right to you? In particular, when we get to 2020, what are the actual candidates you could choose between saying? - once we know who they are, of course! News channels and newspapers can be biased to what they agree with, so it's better to listen to what the politicians themselves say. Hear it right from them, not what someone else says they said.

    It could be that you agree with something of what politicians from both parties say. That wouldn't be unusual. But it'll work out that you agree more with one side than the other.

    Climate change is the worry that we're making the world warm up, which could change a lot of things about life on Earth. Burning coal, oil and gas releases carbon dioxide and other gases, which act like a greenhouse and keep heat in, so the Earth warms up. If you think that's a real worry, then you will think that policies about trying to keep down the amount of these gases are a good move. We need "cleaner" ways of generating electricity, and less damaging fuel for cars. (Oil won't last forever so we need another way of powering cars in any case.)

    For a real scare story on this, look at the planet Venus. It has a lot of carbon dioxide in the air and the temperature there is almost 900 degrees F. "Could the Earth end up like that?"

    But is climate change real? Some say we're not doing THAT much damage. Hot years and cold years happen naturally anyway so how do we know if the Earth really is warming up significantly because of what we do? Nobody really knows and the scientific evidence about world temperatures doesn't prove it one way or the other. Which is why it's a political issue. If it were obvious that car and factory emissions were doing some damage to the weather, that would be different. But it's not obvious. And you might agree it's no bad thing to go for "cleaner" energy anyway just in case it's true.

    Taxes... if you want the government to do things, that needs paying for. It could charge for some things, but mostly it needs another way of raising the money. So there need to be taxes. The big ones are income tax - you have a percentage deducted from what you earn - and corporate taxes on company profits. If your state has a sales tax, you already know about that - it gets added on when you pay for anything you buy. That goes towards paying for what your state government does. The more you want government to do, the higher taxes have to be.

    But how much should government do? We could all agree that there needs to be law and order. So we need laws to say what should be punished, police, courts, jails and prisons and all that has to be paid for. The US needs to be defended, so there need to be armed forces, and training, pay and weapons are expensive. If only for all that, gotta have taxes! But other than that, what more should it get involved with? How much should government interfere in people's lives?

    If you lean more towards minimal government, you're Republican. If you think there are more things the government should do because that's helpful, you're more Democrat. This really is the big political divide between left and right - how much government should we have?

    That's on economic matters - the parties tend to be the other way round on moral matters. So for example it tends to be the Republicans who don't like gay marriage.

    One final thought on the President. Because most law that affects you every day is state law, the President isn't going to make any difference to, say, where you can buy alcohol when you're old enough, or even if you could face the death penalty if you commit murder. That's all state law. He can't tell Congress what laws to pass, only sign anything it DOES pass if he agrees with it. What you really need to think about is American relations with other countries - now he CAN do something about that.

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  • 3 years ago

    First, try to educate yourself on the topics you aren't familiar with. I suggest contacting your library for good resources on each topic.

    As for what party you are, it isn't necessary to define yourself at this point You can take the political compass test linked below for ideas.

    Basically, republicans are about less control of business and greater control of people. Democrats are about less control of people and more control of business. But the leaders in both are largely owned by corporations and that's who they seem to respond to the most. (Except Obama).

    As you take the compass test, for anything you don't understand, do research. Learn. The best voters are informed voters.

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  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    Do a lot of research first look up common beliefs of each party and whichever aligns with your beliefs is the party that you identify with currently. Watch the news and keep up with what is happening with politics. I am a Republican and a lot of my friends are Democrats and what we like to do is just talk about our different view points on issues( just make sure it doesn't get heated lol). Anyway good luck on figuring everything out with this! Long story short just make sure to keep current with what is going on in the world and research the view points of each party to see which one you identify with, but based on your beliefs you mentioned you sound like you would identify as a Democrat.

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  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    no., nobody can help you.

    In fact, don't vote.

    if you can't tell which CANDIDATE you agree the most with, do the world a favor and DON'T vote.

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  • Edith
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    3 years ago

    You are young and tend liberal. It is because you lack sufficient knowledge and responsibility in your life experience. Once that is developed, you will become conservative.

  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    Maybe you should read books and newspapers sometime, kid.

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