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Why is the electoral college still in existence when Alexander Hamilton is not alive anymore that we know of?

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    3 years ago
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    The existence of the electoral college has more to do with the constitution than Alexander Hamilton. Liberals have to realize that the government is based on a constitutional republic - not a popularity vote.

    However, if it was based on a popularity vote then election campaigns would be entirely different. Candidates would concentrate on the population centers, and rural areas would not be given any attention. The way it is currently set up the candidate have to strategize on how they can receive 270+ electoral votes. In Trump's strategy he ignored California because he figured he couldn't win it, and as a result he lost California by over 4 million votes. Trump concentrated on swing states and a few Democrat states that he had a chance of winning. Hillary ignored the states of Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin because he felt they were already in her pocket. Instead she sought to take the swing states of Ohio, Florida, and North Carolina. Hillary did pretty well in the overall popular votes - getting 2.8 million more than Trump, but all of the close states that Hillary counted on were lost.

  • martin
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    It's because even though Hamilton's reason for the Electoral College no longer applies, there are modern reasons the College still should be used. States have the right to vote independently and show which candidate they favor. It's a way of breaking down the election to show which candidate won each state. This is valuable to Americans so that they will know the prevailing social and political attitudes in each state where they might live.

  • Anonymous
    3 years ago

    it's in the constitution you dull facking ingrate libtard

  • 3 years ago

    because it is in the constitution, to get rid of it you need to amend the constitution, so get going already

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