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Existing same-sex marriages in Japan?

Nest year my husband and I will be vacationing in Japan.

I understand that, as of right now Japan is just starting to introduce same-sex unions in some districts and it isn t really national yet.

What I want to know is how they work with foreign visitors to the country. We are legally married in the USA, while we are visiting there would our marriage be valid in the unlikely event of hospitalization, etc?

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    Your marriage won't be recognized, but if one of you speaks good Japanese and the other one gets hospitalized, the staff may be so grateful for free translation that it won't be a big deal. Honestly speaking, as foreigners fitting into the National Health Care System, you'll have a million other problems to deal with.

    Is it an option to go and just be really careful? Don't wind up in the hospital? I mean, for a modest illness, you can just hop on a plane and get medical care in the States. Most tourists don't wind up in the hospital or in jail or any number of other things where a spouse would be important.

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    As you mentioned its no the law of the land here, only some city governments such as Shinagawa or Shibuya have introduced legislation that recognise same sex unions. Its not really marriage as its stillnot legal yet but is recognised by city government if say you want to get married in Tokyo.

    Generally speaking US laws have no legal force in Japan, so there is no obligation on say a hospital to allow your partner to visit or be with you. Its pretty much on a case-by case basis and at the discretion of the individual doctor and the hospital.Hes not required to be politically correct, if thats what you are asking.

    some hotels do have gay couples as guests and I think gay tourism is a growth market in Japan but in general gays are pretty much still in the closet, but things are changing slowly.

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    I don't think it's so likely that you are hospitalized during your short visit to Japan. So you don't need to worry about it. And what about hospitalization are you really asking, concerning your marriage? Money?

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