Very confused and stressed about college?

hi. I am a senior in high school and will attend college in Fall 2017. I am also graduating early. I plan on going into Graphic Design, and I have no clue on what college/school would offer the best programs for that. I currently live in WI and would not mind traveling outside my state. I applied to one college, that could get me a bachelors degree in Graphic Design, but it's an online college. Am I making a mistake applying to a college that is online for my career? What college choice would be the best for Graphic Design. Deadlines are approaching and I just need help. Thank you

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    4 years ago
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    Oh NOES! PLEASE DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY! (or your parent's money). You will NOT become a "rich and successful" graphics designer!

    "A Graphic Designer earns an average salary of $41,429 per year. Most people with this job move on to other positions after 20 years in this career."

    This is NOT a career! USE your college education for something you can do your entire life until retirement, and something that will PAY you a LIVING wage. One that will allow you to marry, BUY A HOUSE, and RAISE KIDS. $40k a year will NOT do that, except at "generic Mac & Cheese" level.

    You will NEED to go to a GOOD *read-EXPENSIVE* college like Ringling or UCLA to get a Graphics Degree that MIGHT get you a decent job.

    If you go to college, GET AN EDUCATION, don't just learn to draw pretty pictures.

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    $41 a year?. more like 20k to 30k. Im a graphic designer and jobs are very scarce. I do disagree with the answer above tho. Because Yes some companies will give you a job if you state that you know all the design programs they require to know with no certificate or degree but will try to pay you less. But some they will require an associates or bachelors. Now Im also a web designer, and this career will pay more. But at the end, sometimes all that matters is that portfolio for graphic designers. so any type of education is a plus tho. Good luck. But is tough there tho. Yes this career does not pay much. Sometimes you have to try working for yourself. I did this. I created a magazine a long time ago. lol. So you have to be creative with this career.

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