What are my chances at admission to the schools below? *indicates recruited for a sport? (if answered in 10 min best answer)?

GPA: 3.1 (unweighted and I have taken lots of honors classes)

ACT: 28 Composite, 29 Superscore

- 5 varsity letters

- Member of 3 clubs

- Tons of community service

- James Madison

- Catholic University

- Villanova (Uncle + 2 cousins attended)

- Providence (1 cousin attends currently)

- Boston College (1 cousin currently attends, 2 uncles 1 aunt attended)

- St. Lawrence University* (Father attended)

- Santa Clara (I was deferred EA)

- University of San Diego

- U Miami Ohio

- Fairfield (1 aunt 1 uncle attended, 1 cousin currently attending) (deferred)

- Holy Cross (1 uncle)

- Dickinson*

- U Dayton

- Fordham (deferred)

- Marquette

- Dickinson*

I also attend a highly respected public high school

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  • 3 years ago
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    Oh gosh, that's a lot of schools and I don't know theor admissions stats off the top of my head but has a really great admissions calculator that I suggest you try, also Niche is a great resource. Best of luck!

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